Monday, September 20, 2021


Risk Management

Cargo moving from one point to another is always under the risk of being lost or damaged, Global Dynamix developed multiple solutions to reduce your losses:

  • Marine Insurance: Global Dynamix, through its expertise, strong relations and high volumes with international insurance providers, is able to offer the most suitable coverage based on the requirement of their customers, the specifications of their products, mode of transport, and route (origin/destination).

  • Avoid trucking between transit points: Global Dynamix avoids the truck connection between origin and destination since most of pilferage happens during road transportation especially for high end and cargoes.

  • Black shrink-wrap: Where required by clients Global Dynamix will put a black shrink-wrap over the cargo in order to hide its contents which will reduce the possibility of pilferage.Alsohiding the commodity on the AWB will reduce the attraction towards your cargo, for example instead of mentioning watches we can use Horologes which is accepted by carriers and customs officers.

  • Moving ULDs by airfreight: By moving ULDs from most of main airports, Global Dynamix will close and seal the ULD at origin, and the ULD will remain in tact it reaches destination, and in case the seal is broken the airline must report this to Global Dynamix and therefore cargo can properly checked prior to release from customs.

  • Direct routes: By avoiding transshipments will reduce the unloading/loading of cargo, which will drastically reduce the possibility of damaging the cargo.

  • Physical inspection: Global Dynamix office/agent will physically inspect the cargo at origin for any visible loss or damage.

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